reflexology-vicki-ball-3What is Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing tradition based on the principle that all parts of our body are connected by energy pathways which end in our feet, hands and head.  A reflexology treatment uses pressure massage on specific areas of the feet to stimulate healing in the corresponding organs, glands and structures.  This releases areas of tension and helps energy to flow more freely throughout your body.  It has a long record of success in relieving problems and enabling the body to heal itself naturally.


What to expect when I have Reflexology?

reflexology-vicki-ball2Your initial treatment will begin with a detailed consultation.  I will then make you comfortable on the couch, enabling you to relax and enjoy your treatment.  Treatment lasts for an hour and fifteen minutes, this includes time at the end of the treatment to discuss any areas of activity that I could feel through your feet during your reflexology session.


Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology is a very natural, healing treatment.  It is also very relaxing and provides an excellent way of releasing stress and tension.   It can also help with conditions including irritable bowel syndrome, PMT and general hormonal imbalance. Along with insomnia, muscular and skeletal aches and pains, migraine and respiratory problems.  Regular reflexology has also been found to be of great benefit to couples with infertility concerns.


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