Below are a few testimonials from my clients:

I have suffered for a great many years from the pain of arthritis which riddles most of my joints and resulted in me having both hips replaced.  I have been having fortnightly reflexology treatments with Vicki for the past seven years and can truly say they are one of the few things that have helped with the arthritic stiffness and pain.  The treatments really help, but they also leave me relaxed and at ease so that I am better able to deal with the pain.  I can also say that over the years Vicki and I have become good friends and I greatly appreciate her kindness as well as her professionalism.  It’s been a great source of comfort to me.

Mrs Derrick, Oakham

The Bowen Technique is one of the most unusual yet effective therapies I have undertaken.  Having suffered from lower back pain for over 10 years and having tried every other physical treatment available, I was intrigued by the claims offered by Bowen therapy and decided to investigate this further.

The unique, subtle and holistic approach to treatment is both relaxing and yet highly effective.  It is distinctive by the gentle hands-on style and necessary two-minute wait between each area being treated.  Initial reaction might be to wonder if anything is happening, but understanding how the characteristic features of Bowen work is an important part of the treatment, and Vicki explains this very well at the first consultation.  Immediate improvement is not guaranteed with Bowen as it is a gradual process of repair.  However, I can say without hesitation that following my second appointment, the pain in my lower back diminished considerably and has stayed away to date.  Additionally, secondary related back pain has gone and my general well-being had totally been transformed, which I intend to maintain with regular Bowen treatments.

Vicki’s professional, thorough and gentle approach immediately puts her clients at ease and I would highly recommend this therapy without hesitation.

Lesley Beckingham, Stamford

I have been going to Vicki since 2012 and have been amazed by her genuine care and interest in me as a person, together with a desire to make me feel like myself again.  Her setting is beautiful and I feel a sense of tranquillity when walking into her treatment room, this coupled with her calm, professional, yet friendly approach immediately transport me into a better place.  I have had similar treatments elsewhere, but feel that the time and attention given to me by Vicki surpass by far the experiences I have had with other therapists, I feel as if there is no rush to get the treatment completed and feel welcome to sit and talk to her following the treatment without Vicki looking at her watch.  I have had regular reflexology and the Bowen technique treatment and I have come away from both of them feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world once more.  The cost of the treatment is very reasonable for what you receive in return from Vicki.  She has tried to accommodate my trips to her with my busy workload and has in my mind gone above and beyond the service you would normally expect.  She is a lovely, lovely lady!

Teacher,  Stamford School

I have recently been treated by Vicki Ball, using the Bowen Technique for neck, back and shoulder problems – caused by two prolapsed discs.

I found Vicki to be extremely caring, attentive and professional.  The environment was warm, clean and with a delightful atmosphere. The treatment itself is very gentle with a light application of pressure from hands and varies in time dependent on the area concerned.  a thorough, informal chat prior and after the treatment is carried out to highlight any indications and contra indications and to advise client of what to do or not to do and what to expect for the following few days.

I have found a marked improvement since my treatments, being almost rid of pain and areas less stiff with much more movement in my shoulders and neck.  My back has been a great deal ‘easier’ which has enabled me being able to return to a relatively normal lifestyle and even beginning to return to some sporting activities.

I would wholly recommend Vicki Ball and the Bowen Technique.

I. Goodwin, Stamford

Since moving to Stamford I had been looking for a reflexologist to help with the tension in my shoulders and general stress that I place on my body and mind.  One of my friends recommended Vicki Ball to me and therefore I made an appointment.  I have been making appointments with Vicki for a number of years now.  She has been superb, her gentle, patient manor whilst listening to the various concerns that I have regarding health and fitness is something I have never had previously from a reflexologist.  The treatments have been brilliant and I like the way that at the end of the reflexology she will discuss all the areas of the body and what she had encountered.  I recommend her highly if you wish to seek alternative treatments.

Teacher, Stamford School

Vicki is a true professional.  She has a deep empathy for her clients and time is never an issue.  There is unlimited time for each individual and her day is planned for this to allow for a consultation, the treatment and then a detailed feedback session.  Her prices are worth every penny and are very reasonable.  She allows you to have quality time for yourself in a manic world.  She listens closely and always offers sympathetic, useful advice where needed in a professional manner.  Her treatments are very thorough, more so than any other therapist I have ever been to, the atmosphere is relaxed enough for you to drift off to sleep if you should so wish or can, in fact, help it!  Vicki is calm, considerate and dedicated to her clients and the therapies she offers, going above and beyond what other reflexologists would offer.  I cannot recommend her enough.

A. G., Stamford

My Physiotherapist recommended me to Vicki.  Suggesting that I might like to try a course of Bowen Treatment, in the hope that it may be of some help with my many long term issues.

I am feeling positive so far, as I am finding after three sessions with Vicki that there has been some good progress.

I have found Vicki to be a very special lady who has a very lovely sense of calmness and a caring presence.

Mari, Stamford


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